Cascadia Stone Quarries

Cascade Black

The black heart stone from the columnar basalt of the columbia river basalt flow. Its clean black color is as versitile as stone gets.

Gorge Grey

A light grey andecite from the Cascade range volcanic flows. These materials have been a staple of Portland Metro area construction for 50 years.

Columbia River Blue

Closer to Mt. Hood and south of the columbia river this medium blue-grey basalt is a beautiful and versitle basalt.

Alpine Granite

Alpine Granite is a gneese intrusion into the basalt flows of the northern Cascade Range. Beautiful grey with bronze highlights and quartz viens for dramatic affect.

Baker Blue Granite

A rehabilitated old quarry from 100 years ago the elevation of this crustal deposit it stayed above the basalt flows. this blue/ grey granite boasts a large supply of weathered and lichen covered specimins.

Pioneer Sandstone

Located east of the continental divide this beautiful and unique sandstone offers large format buff and tan colored slabs and architectural specimins. 

Semi-Precious Stones

Most precious and semi precious materials are born volcanic activity and our region is no exception. we are proud to offer a selection of these materials 

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